Salmon Fishing in Humboldt County

SALMON FISHING: In Humboldt County California, the Gateway to the Pacific Northwest

Humboldt County is a great place to visit because it's 2.3 million acres of wonder.  Over 80% of our land is forest and recreational areas; plus there is the Pacific Ocean, an undeveloped bay (not lined with high rise buildings – but rather with oyster beds and bird sanctuaries); and six rivers (Eel, Klamath, Mad, Mattole, Trinity and Van Duzen.)
Humboldt County is the doorway to the Pacific Northwest – the wonder of it all begins here and we believe the best of it is here too.   Certainly some of the best of salmon fishing is found in Humboldt County, California!!

The salmon is known the world over (though few know it's a cousin to the trout).  Ours is the Pacific salmon which is quite different in taste and looks from Atlantic salmon. (East coast salmon spawn over and over in a life time; Pacific salmon spawn once and die).

The 5 Species of Salmon are Found In Humboldt County Waters for Your Salmon Fishing Experience

There are five kinds of salmon to fish for in the waters of Humboldt County, California. The best known is the Chinook or King Salmon; then there is also the Coho or Silver Salmon; and, at the far south of their range, an occasional Sockeye Salmon, Pink Salmon or Chum Salmon may be found.

Pound for pound the King Salmon probably gives a fisherman the best fishing experience (they average 8 to 20 pounds but have been known to be 40 or more pounds and fiercely resist being caught)   It is hotly debated which of our six rivers is best for fishing, but the loudest voices say the best river for King Salmon fishing is the Klamath.

Silver Salmon are abundant in the ocean and found in the rivers in the fall.  The Silvers are renowned for thier spectacular leaps and bright silver coloring ; however, they must be released if hooked and landed due to their state and federal threatened specie status.

People come from all over the world to fish for Salmon in Humboldt County, California.  The salmon fishing season generally runs from April to November.   Ocean season usually starts in the Shelter Cove area early followed by fishing out of Humboldt and Trinidad Bays in late spring. There is usually a daily bag limit of two salmon per person but limits vary from year to year.  A yearly fishing license is about $35, but there are less expensive one (or more) day licenses too.   A license can be bought from just about any sporting goods store or sporting goods department of a store in many of the towns of the county.

Folks here are friendly and love to tell others who like to fish where the best spots for a good catch are located – we don't hold that information close because there are so many good spots to fish all over the county!!

Come drop a line in Humboldt County, California and you'll have a fish story to tell backed up with great pictures and perhaps a salmon fishing trip you will treasure forever...

Ocean Salmon Fishing and Other Fishing in Humboldt County -

Ocean fishing is popular in early summer for salmon and a variety of bottom fish such as halibut. Ocean Charter trips out of Trinidad produce fine catches of salmon and rock cod, and crabbing with gear included.

In season salmon fishing trips for chinook (king) and coho (silver) salmon can be taken from boats and the harbor jetties in Eureka and or Trinidad. Fishing from the jetties, piers and boats also yields: kelp bass, snapper, ling cod, perch, redtail perch, halibut, shark and crab.

For information on licensing, special closures and other fishing regulations, contact the Department of Fish and Game at 707.445.6493 or contact local fishing or sporting goods stores.