Redwood Forests Of Humboldt County

The Redwoods Forests of Humboldt County on the Northern California coast contain the tallest living things on earth, and some of the oldest — the coastal redwood forests spawn the giant Sequoia Sempervirens and grow well over 300 feet, live between 400 and 800 years on the average and can live to 2,000 years. They once grew nearly everywhere in the northern hemisphere, but climate and topography changes have destroyed much of the Redwood forests; today Redwood forests can only be found in a remote area of China, along the Sierra mountains and here on the beautiful upper coast of California. The Redwood Forests of Humboldt County are truly something to behold that will make any trip to the area unforgettable.
All points of interest within and around the ancient Redwood forest are a leisurely drive away from The Friendly City, making Fortuna the perfect place to stay during your visit to the majestic redwoods forest and beyond…


Water Fowl
Two popular hunting areas for water fowl are the Hookton Slough Wildlife Refuge, a few miles northwest of Fortuna, and the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.
Waterfowl, snipe, and coot hunting occurs on five of the seven units of the Humboldt Bay Refuge. Only hunting within the 330-acre hunt area of the Salmon Creek unit is tightly controlled, with hunting allowed only 2 days per week until 1 p.m., with 12 hunting blinds, a lottery draw, and a paid permit process. An estimated 1,000 hunters utilize the refuge annually.
For licensing, regulations, and maps visit the Department of Fish and Games web site at  or call 916.445.3406. Contact local sporting goods stores for specific information about local regulations.