Humboldt Hand Made Gallery

The City of Fortuna's River Lodge Conference Center is proud to offer the Humboldt Hand Made Gallery located at 1800 Riverwalk Drive.
This showcase of artists is but a small sampling for what our region has to offer.
If you would like to explore additional work by our featured artist and vendors, please support other local area businesses.

Here is some info from two of our artists:

My name is Phyllis Reynolds.  I was raised in the Sacramento Valley and have been a resident of Eureka for the past three years. I have lived in several states across the U.S. but love it here. I have fallen in love with the Redwood Trees and ferns, but drawn to capture the vibrant colors of the coastal flowers.  And through my camera lens, I catch life as it is in that exact moment, then forever gone.
The variety of ships, ocean life and numerous outdoor events offer a never ending surplus of opportunities.  So smile, you just might be my next click.
I am a mother of 2 girls, a step-mom to a son and daughter, and grandmother to 5. Not to mention married to my wonderful husband in 2010.
I work as an Admin Assistant at the Korbel Mill.
I have always been interested in photography, but in the past 2 years I see more than pictures, it is life to share. So please, browse, select and enjoy.


The high-quality, high-fire wares of Harrison Levenstein are all thrown, worked, glazed, and fired locally here in Humboldt County. He is currently living in Arcata and working at the Fire Arts Center while finishing his bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art and Art Education at Humboldt State University. His work has been featured in the North Coast Journal and been sold on the shelves of Humboldt Glassblowers and Morning Star in Arcata. He has won multiple scholarships from HSU and elsewhere based on his ceramic portfolio and continues to expand and grow as an artist every day.

His passion for clay burns like the kilns that he fires his work in. “I love the medium of clay because of its connection with the Earth,” Harry says while centering a new lump on his potter’s wheel. “The process of making ceramic artwork utilizes all of the Earth’s elements: earth, water, air, and fire, in complete


Harrison’s forms are beautiful, loose, and organic yet have a learned tightness to them which truly gives an exquisite aesthetic. As if form is not enough, Harrison’s glazing is a treat of its own. A tasteful color palette with a range of visual texture, temperature, and tactile quality give a fitting finish for his forms.
For more information visit the Humboldt Hand Made Gallery at River Lodge Conference Center!