Humboldt County Parks

Humboldt County is a prime area for recreation of all kinds. Perhaps you would like to see the mysterious beauty of Fern Canyon, where you are lead through a ravine with walls that are green with ferns. Maybe you would like to take the family camping at the river in one of the many swimming holes in the redwood area, or take your fishing boat out into the Samoa Peninsula. There are plenty of destinations for bird watchers, kayakers and canoers, hikers, surfers, and those who just want to walk through a forest of the largest trees in the world. Below is a list of Humboldt County recreation areas.

Sequoia Park and Zoo

3414 W Street Eureka, CA 95501 (707) 441-4263
The Sequoia Park has something for everyone, including a zoo that has been in operation since 1907 and a 77-acre park. The zoo has a cafe and gift shop, and seasonal flower garden.

Freshwater County Park
Freshwater Rd. Eureka (707) 445-7651

Freshwater Park in Eureka is perfect for picnics and other social events. You can reserve areas of the park for weddings and large gatherings. It includes gazebos, water and electricity, along with cooking facilities and restrooms. The creek is dammed during the summer for swimming.

Headwaters Forest Reserve
Bureau of Land Management: Arcata Office (707) 825-2300
This park has two trails, one 5 1/2 mile trail made from an old logging road on the northern section and a four-mile trail on the southern section. Both trails showcase the beautiful old growth redwoods growing in the area.

Samoa Boat Ramp County Park
Samoa Peninsula (707) 445-7651
Includes a boat launch into Humboldt Bay, RV facilities, campgrounds, and miles of beach. It is a popular area for kite flyers, surfers, or those who simply want to explore the coast.

Fields Landing Boat Ramp County Park
South Humboldt Bay Fields Landing, CA (707) 445-7651
This fee-free access to southern Humboldt Bay is an excellent place to launch your boat, kayak or canoe. There is also a picnic area and places to fish.

The Samoa Dunes Recreation Area

Samoa Peninsula Managed by BLM 707-825-2300
In its history, the Samoa Dunes has been a food-gathering site for the Wiyot tribe and a Coast Guard outpost during World War II. Today it is a recreational park for hikers, surfers, bird watchers, and fishing. It includes access to the North Jetty.

Arcata Community Forest

14th Street Arcata, CA (707) 822-8184
Arcata Community Forest consists of almost 800 acres of trails, mountains and forest. It is great for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Azalea State Reserve
5 miles north of Arcata (707) 488-2041
A 30-acre reserve for the Western Azalea (Rhododendron Occidentale). Includes a self-guided trail that highlights the Azalea and other native plants. A Picnic area is available.

Mad River County Park
(707) 445-7651 No Fee
Consists of two areas; a dune area for hiking and a parking area with a boat ramp into Mad River.

Clam Beach County Park

Hwy 101 North of McKinleyville County Park (707) 445-7651
Clam Beach is a long and wide stretch of shoreline that has camping areas situated right on the beach. It is a popular area for kite flying and sand castles, and is a good area for surfing. Day use is free, and camping is on a first come, first serve basis.

Humboldt Lagoons
Highway 101 located between Trinidad & Orick ( 707) 488-2041
The Lagoons are a great place to hike, whale watch, bird watch, and hunt for agates. A few of the lagoons are brackish, one is freshwater, and one has no water at all. There is also a marsh habitat with a variety of plants and animals.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Newton B Drury Pkwy Redwood National and State Parks Orick, CA (707) 465-7347
Here you can view Elk in their natural habitat, drive through miles of forest and see areas of Northern California where movies such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park II were filmed. Includes Fern Canyon, Elk Prairie and Gold Bluffs Beach Campgrounds, a 10-mile scenic drive through the redwoods and 75 miles of trails.

Patrick's Point State Park
4150 Patrick's Point Dr Trinidad, CA 95570 (707) 677-3570
Patrick's Point is a 640-acre park that includes rocky cliff shorelines, sandy beaches and dense forest. It has plenty of hiking trails and camping areas, along with picnic areas, a native plant garden, a bookstore, and a reconstructed Yurok Indian village.

Fern Canyon

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park Davision Rd. to Gold Bluffs Beach Orick (707) 464 6101
Perhaps one of the most wondrous and striking areas of Humboldt County, the walls of this canyon are covered with ferns and other moisture loving plants. Stephen Spielberg chose this area for the filming of Jurassic Park II.

Luffenholtz Beach County Park
(707) 445-7651
An overlook of the Pacific Ocean two miles south of Trinidad that includes tide pools and a picnic area.

Six Rivers National Forest

1330 Bayshore Way Eureka, CA 95501 (707) 442-1721
This park is a 140 mile-long stretch of land, starting at the Oregon border and ending at Mendocino County. It includes campsites in meadows and forest alike, along with secluded riverbanks for fishing, kayaking, and white water rafting.

Trinidad State Beach
Trinidad ( 707) 677-3570
After a short hike past open bluffs, forest, and wildflowers, you end up at the beautiful Trinidad beach. Here there are tidepools to explore along with a beautiful ocean view. Other areas include a place to picnic and a small spruce forest.

Sinkyone Wilderness State Park

The Lost Coast P.O. Box 245 Whitethorn, CA 95489 (707) 986-7711
"The Lost Coast" is made up of the coastline in this state park, which has no nearby highways. This park is perfect for backpackers and primitive camping.

Big Lagoon County Park
North of Trinidad (707) 445-7651
A great place to use your small boat, windsurf, or fish, Big Lagoon allows you to camp right on the waterside. The campsites offer picnic tables, campfire rings, bathrooms, and payphones. The ocean nearby does not affect the lagoons, so it is quite safe for swimming.

Russ Park

Left on Ocean from Main St. Ferndale
Russ Park is a bird sanctuary in Ferndale donated to the city in 1920. It includes a forest of Fir, Alder, Spruce and a few Redwoods trees. The Sitka Spruce that grows in the park is rarer than the Redwood tree. There are over 100 acres of bird sanctuary and 3 miles of hiking trail.

Centerville Beach County Park
Ferndale, CA 95536 (707) 445-7651
5 miles west of Ferndale, Centerville Beach consists of 9 miles of beach and picturesque dairy country. This is a great place for bird watching or simply enjoying the view.

Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park

16949 Highway 36 Carlotta, CA 95528 (707) 777-3683 30 campsites rooms
Grizzly Creek is a small but beautiful campsite for fishing, swimming, picnicking and camping. It also includes a visitor center with exhibits. Open year-round.

Van Duzen County Park
12 miles east on Hwy 36 (707) 445-7651
Includes two swimming holes and attractive Redwood groves. This is a great place for camping, hiking and fishing as well.

A.W. Way County Park

Mattole Rd. (707) 445-7651
A.W. Way is an ideal place for family camping with excellent swimming holes.

Avenue of the Giants
Parallels Hwy 101 just south of Scotia to just north of Garberville
Avenue of the Giants is a world famous 31-mile strip of scenic old Highway 31. On this road there are gift shops, camping areas, swimming areas, hiking trails, and numerous other scenic stops. There are also areas to access the Eel River for fishing and swimming.

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Ave of Giants P.O. Box 100 Weott, CA 95571 (707) 946-2409
One of the first state parks established in the Humboldt county area, it is also California's largest redwood park consisting of 53,000 acres. Situated in Avenue of the Giants, It includes Rockefeller Forest, the largest old growth forest in the world that has never been logged. The online reservation company Reserve America named this park in its top 100 campgrounds.

Tooby Memorial State Park
Sprowell Creek Road Garberville (707) 445-7651
This is a free day-use only park for fishing, swimming, and picnicking. It includes a playground donated by Garberville Rotary.

Benbow Lake State Recreation Area

1600 U.S. Highway 101 Garberville, CA 95542 (707) 247-3318 Winter (707) 923-3238 On the south fork of the Eel River is the beautiful Benbow Lake, a seasonal swimming and boating area created by a dam. It consists of 1,200 acres and 75 campsites and is open year round. During the summer it is a popular camping spot, while in the winter it is usually used for fishing.

Camp Kimtu
P O Box 8 Willow Creek, CA 95573 530-629-2136
This campground offers swimming in the Trinity River, a group campsite, and a year-round lodge. Situated one mile from Downtown Willow Creek, this campground is not too far from the town.

Richardson Grove State Park

1600 U.S. Highway 101 Garberville, CA 95440-3318 (707) 247-3318
A park that is voted in the top 100 of the 2008 Reserve America's Family Campgrounds awards has to be a great area to experience. Richardson Grove includes 170 campsites and a day use area.

King Range National Conservation Area
BLM Office 1695 Heindon Rd Arcata (707) 825-2300
68,000 acres of tall mountain peaks and low beaches make up the diverse landscape of the King Range National Conservation Area. You can hike the 70 miles of trails and enjoy the high elevation wildlife, which includes the popular Lost Coast Trail. For the surfers and beachcombers, there is plenty of ocean to behold, including the Intriguing Black Sands beach.

Van Duzen: Swimmers Delight

Just as the name implies, Swimmers Delight, located 12 miles east of highway 101 on HWY 36, is a great place to swim. The park includes multiple swimming holes, hiking trails and showers. It is open for both day-use and camping.

Hammond Trail
A free hiking and biking area that consists of a 2.4 mile trail linking Arcata and McKinleyville, a hiking loop north of Murray road, and a trail that runs north of Vista Point on HWY 101. Dogs and Horses are allowed.

Fort Humboldt State Historic Park
In 1853, Fort Humboldt was built to resolve conflicts between Native Americans and settlers that had traveled to California during the gold rush. During its lifetime, it became the headquarters for the Humboldt Military District, and most famously housed Captain Ulysses S. Grant. It was abandoned in 1870, and now only one of the fourteen original structures remains. It is now a historical museum dedicated to the Fort and the Native American tribes in the area.

Little River State Park
This area, located 13 miles north of Eureka, includes dunes and a broad open beach. On the North of the park is Little River, and on the south is Clam Beach.

Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary

This facility is both a wastewater treatment plant and marsh habitat that attracts about 150,000 visitors a year. It includes hiking trails, bird watching, a fishery, and a brackish/salt water marsh.