Extreme Fun

There's lots of outdoor fun to be had on your visit to the redwoods. And if you're into extreme outdoor activities and spectacular scenery the redwoods, rivers, and areas are for you. Depending on the time of year you visit you can partake in biking, hiking, canoeing, fishing, river rafting, ocean kayaking and more.  See for yourself the world renowned lost coast loop. Even in a car sections of the lost coast loops roads are extreme!  Be careful out there.

Humboldt County Has Six Rivers and Redwoods! Eel, Van Duzen, Mattole, Mad, Klamath and Trinity Rivers. 

River Rafting is sure to get your heart pumping at the right time of the year.

Big Flat RaftingWebsite   White water in a class of its own.

From Fortuna: approx. 80 miles northeast off Highway 299, Big Flat, CA (800) 418-9287

Bigfoot RaftingWebsite

From Fortuna: approx. 60 miles northeast off Highway 299, Willow Creek, CA (800) 722-2223

Guided half day to three day trips on the Trinity and Klamath Rivers. Raft and inflatable kayak rentals. Shuttles. Families and first timers welcome.


Humboldt County has redwood bicycle trails and world class cycling events that can make your cycling vacation memorable. With the annual Tour of the Unknown Coast taking place in a circuitous route from Ferndale along the lost coast then through the Avenue of the Giants, and the city of Arcata pedestrian and bicycle paths to the north, Fortuna is surrounded by beautiful cycling trails and cycling-friendly communities…

Tour of the Unknown CoastWebsite

From Fortuna: approx. 8 miles west on Highway 211

This non-profit, fund raising event starts and finishes in the Victorian village of Ferndale and takes place in May. It features multiple bike tours — a 10-mile Farm Tour, 20-mile Family Fun Ride, 50-mile Challenge, a new 100-kilometer (62-mile) ride and the big kahuna 100-mile Tour. You will be cycling through some of the most beautiful country in the United States! Come experience the worlds best Redwood bicycle trail event for yourself.


From Fortuna: approx. 30 miles north off U.S. 101

Arcata is known for its mountain bike trails through Redwood Park. Located behind Humboldt State University the trails wind through old growth redwoods and fern-filled canyons. A map at the park entrance lists trails suited for mountain biking.


The Pacific Ocean in Humboldt County provides a wide array of recreational activities including fishing, surfing, sailing, diving , abalone harvesting, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. Some of the best beaches and access points are just to the west of Fortuna…

From Fortuna: approx. 20 miles north via Eureka • Sailing and windsurfing are popular sports in Humboldt Bay. 20 miles north of Fortuna, take Highway 255 at R Street in downtown Eureka to the Woodley Island Marina. Sailboats and other small craft also use the various boat ramps and launches available around the Bay. Further out Highway 255, the North Jetty and other ocean-side beaches are excellent surfing spots.

More Surfing

From Fortuna: approx. 45 miles north off U.S. 101 • Another popular surfing spot is Patrick's Point, just north of Trinidad. This 640 acre state park has a dramatic shoreline ranging from broad, sandy beaches to sheer, rocky cliffs. In addition to its excellent surfing, there are great opportunities to explore tide pools, search for agates and watch the whales, sea lions and brilliant sunsets.

Extreme  Sport Fishing - Starts Here • Website

With 150 miles of coastline, several major rivers, lagoons, lakes, and bays, Humboldt County has some of the greatest freshwater and ocean fishing in the state. Excellent freshwater fishing can be found on several rivers in and nearby Humboldt County. The Van Duzen, Mattole, Eel, Mad, Klamath, and Trinity Rivers together with all of their tributaries, provide thousands of miles of excellent fishing for: salmon, steelhead, cutthroat trout, shad, and sturgeon.

All of the rivers are well known for steelhead and salmon although the Mattole is primarily a steelhead river and has several fishing restrictions. The Klamath River, the 3rd largest river on the west coast behind Washington's Columbia River and the Sacramento River, is known for cutthroat trout, shad, and sturgeon as well as salmon and steelhead.

The lagoons in northern Humboldt — Big Lagoon and Stone Lagoon — are known for cutthroat trout, steelhead and starry flounder. Freshwater Lagoon is stocked with rainbow trout with ocean surf fishing across the highway — a popular catch being redtail perch.

Ocean fishing is popular in early summer for salmon and a variety of bottom fish such as halibut. Charter trips out of Trinidad produce fine catches of salmon and rock cod, and crabbing with gear included. In season, chinook (king) and coho (silver) salmon can be taken from boats and the harbor jetties in Eureka. Fishing from the jetties, piers and boats also yields: kelp bass, snapper, ling cod, perch, redtail perch, halibut, shark and crab. Dungeness and rock crabs can also be taken in the bays as well as clam digging on beaches at King Salmon and Humboldt Bay.

For information on licensing, special closures and other fishing regulations, contact the Department of Fish and Game at 707.445.6493 or contact local fishing or sporting goods stores.


Extreme Big Game, Small Game and Water Fowl Hunting

Surrounded by miles and miles of wild and undisturbed forests, rivers and bays, Fortuna lies at the heart of an abundant hunting area. Known for bear, deer, elk, wild turkey and a variety of resident and migratory game birds, Humboldt County is a popular destination for both small and big game and water fowl hunters.

Big Game

For bear, the "hot spots" are neighboring Happy Camp and the Coffee Creek area of the Trinity Alps to the north of Fortuna; and Covelo, southeast of Fortuna, for deer. Other big game areas are South Fork Mountain east of Fortuna and Kings Ranch near Petrolia on The Lost Coast.

Small Game

The Ruth Lake area in the Mendocino National Forest is known for its large population of wild turkeys.

Water Fowl

Two popular hunting areas for water fowl are the Hookton Slough Wildlife Refuge, a few miles northwest of Fortuna, and the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Waterfowl, snipe, and coot hunting occurs on five of the seven units of the Humboldt Bay Refuge. Only hunting within the 330-acre hunt area of the Salmon Creek unit is tightly controlled, with hunting allowed only 2 days per week until 1 p.m., with 12 hunting blinds, a lottery draw, and a paid permit process. An estimated 1,000 hunters utilize the refuge annually.

For licensing, regulations, and maps visit the Department of Fish and Games web site at http://www.dfg.ca.gov/hunting or call 916.445.3406. Contact local sporting goods stores for specific information about local regulations.


Fortuna is at the center of some of the most spectacular hiking in California. Surrounded by redwood trees, rivers and beaches with thousands of miles of trails, hiking here is known for beautiful scenery, an incredible number of plants and wildlife, as well as being uncrowded. With hundreds of trails to choose from, there is an endless variety of hiking at all levels — "easy" to "moderate" to "strenuous" — through old-growth redwood groves, along beautiful streams and rivers, and on the coast.

Redwood Groves off the Van Duzen RiverWebsite

A few miles southeast of Fortuna (along Highway 36) are 6 short hiking trails and nature walks along the Van Duzen River and through the redwood groves. Each one is easy and less than a mile long.

Centerville BeachWebsite

West of Fortuna is Centerville Beach, outside the victorian village of Ferndale. Flanked by spectacular cliffs of gray sandstone carved into unique formations by the ocean, hikers will see a variety of birds and sea life.

King Range Backpacking TripWebsite

An easy summer backpacking trip along the Northern coast through the King Range is good, outdoor family fun! The 28 mile, four day hike that ends in beautiful Shelter Cove is relaxing and good for the body and soul. Trail maps are available at the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce as well as the visitors' centers in the national and state parks. For a map of the Lost Coast and King Range Conservation Area, contact the Bureau of Land Management, 1695 Heidon Road, Arcata, CA 95521-4573; 707.825.2399.


(Yes we know we're stretching the activity part; but they really are extremely cool.)

Avenue of the Giants - Scenic Route 254 • Website

From Fortuna: approx. 12 miles south on U.S. 101 • A 33-mile stretch of two-lane highway that runs parallel to U.S. Highway 101, The Avenue of the Giants is an outstanding display of virgin redwood trees and numerous dedicated groves that you can bicycle, hike or see the redwoods by car. This scenic highway is a must see while visiting Fortuna. Call the Visitor Center for more information: (707) 946-2263