Birding in Northern California

Humboldt County Birding in Northern California

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Humboldt County Birding - An Opportunity and Birding Experience You Won't Forget!

OK, admittedly few know where Humboldt County California is located -- but if you say where the giant redwoods are located, there is an instant recognition of where this county is:  Northern California along the coast.

But once reminded, what are the first images that come to mind when you think of this remote area of the world?

Clearly the redwoods are the first image and next would be secluded small towns and the craggy, sometimes violent Pacific Ocean.  Few would imagine birds -- but they should because Humboldt County Birding has much to offer and is big here. Humboldt County is host to a wide variety of birds; make no doubt about it -- the beauty of the North Coast includes entrancing forest landscape and crashing ocean shores and also many, many bird species.

Humboldt County Birding -How Many Bird Species are There in Humboldt County California?

There are at least 29 different bird species common to this area, in six major type categories. The North Coast has redwood forests, breathtaking seascapes and quiet beauty.  It's a vacation destination known world wide -- and it's known to a lot of birds and bird watchers too!

Few areas in American or Canada can boast of having this many unique (and some endangered) birds. 

The Birds of Humboldt County California - Humboldt County Birding Has Much to Offer!

         •Marbled Godwit
         •American Avocet
         •Double-crested Cormorant
         •Black-Bellied Plover
         •Green Winged Teal
         •Ruddy Duck
         •Greater Scaup
         •Pied-billed Grebe
Wading Birds
         •Black-crowned Night Heron
         •Great Egret
         •Great Blue Heron
         •American Bittern
         •Northern Harrier
         •Peregrine Falcon
         •American Kestrel
         •Great Horned Owl
Gulls and Terns
         •Caspian Tern
         •Western Gull
         •Bonaparte's Gull
         •Mew Gull
         •Forster's Tern
Song Birds
         •Marsh Wren
         •Savannah Sparrow
         •California Quail
         •Western Meadowlark
         •American Goldfinch areters.

For more detailed information on birding in Humboldt County California, contact our local Audubon Society which publishes a compendium of maps which display the distribution of all bird species found breeding within Humboldt County. In addition to maps, their atlas will include species accounts which describe each bird's habitat preferences and natural history.
Redwood Region Audubon Society
P.O. Box 1054, Eureka, CA 95502